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Annagreta "Anni" Jacobson

fter the birth of my son in 2004 I started taking yoga to balance the strains on my back. Hatha style yoga quickly helped me regain core strength and flexibility. As I progressed in my yoga practice, I marveled at how it always fed me, reset my contentment, steadied my confidence, and provided balance. Fast forward 12 years and countless yoga classes, I made a conscious decision to seek out teacher training.
Much to my delight I found Vertical Soul Yoga RYT200 training right here in Flagstaff. In the spring of 2016, I immersed into learning the history and legacy of yoga in our world. I processed and pushed through strengths and weaknesses in my practice. I emerged the ready to teach and aware that yoga is a life-long journey.
Guided by the principles of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, I’m currently journeying through the power of the Yamas (Life’s Characteristics) and Niyamas (Life’s Codes), teaching and practicing health through the Asanas, and balance and energy techniques through Pranayama breath work. My teaching is focused on practice, balance and growth. I believe through regular yoga practice one honors their status, potential, and gains balance. Through balance one grows closer to inner peace and naturally desires this continual contentment. Taking this contentment into the world helps us all. As I grow in my teaching and practice, the advanced limbs of yoga will hopefully be realized.
Since certification I’ve taught over 230 classes between Flagstaff Athletic Club, Northern Arizona Yoga Center, and various special engagements. Specializing in a Vinyasa style, I love teaching flow sequences as a full body yoga experience. In teaching I tend to focus on emphasizing opening the heart and hips. From principle asanas through advanced balancing poses, I enjoy helping students experience alignment principles that help them grow in strength, balance and contentment.
I am thrilled to be teaching at Northern Arizona Yoga Center. I am honored to add to the rich knowledge and expertise offered.