Wyatt Brown


I am 20 year veteran of Flagstaff. I moved to FLG for college in 1996 and graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management, Geographic Information Systems and Land Use Planning. My physical "practice" emphasis in the 1990s was mainly biking. In the early 200's I became involved in rock climbing and the Flagstaff Climbing gym and local community. Around this time, I had my first yoga classes with Lisa Connors and Ula Lundgren (the original owner of the Yoga Experience). It was obvious that asana, and other yoga practices could help enhance my physical body and performance climbing and biking, and also my mental health and happiness. By 2007, I had become interested in cross country trail running. I began to race, and take part in ultra runs in the backcountry of the American Southwest. I LOVE running in the Grand Canyon, Gila Wilderness and local FLG mountain trails. Running is what ended up really motivating me to make asana a focus in my life. I began studying various Vinyasa asana systems and fell in love with Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2007. ( www.ashtangayoga.info ) I began to study every day under Steph Revering and Geofrey Taylor at NAYC, and take trips to study with senior Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers such as Tim Miller (www.ashtngayogacenter.com) and Kino McGregor ( www.miamilifecenter.com ) and her husband, Tim Feldmann. I began to teach in 2009 and have been blessed to be a part of the NAYC community ever since. I am always available to consult Members regarding running, climbing and other physical practices, and how they can be best combined with asana practice.  I look forward to helping other people explore breath, asana and awareness through the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.